Toronto!!! 1 in 3 Households are ‘Homeless’ Lack of Supply!

Every inch of Toronto is AS DENSE as West L.A. Ramparts area 9,545 people per sq. km (5,928,040 people in 621 sq. km). Average household 2.8, or 3 people. 1,976,013 family in 621 sq. km. 3,182 household per sq. km of Toronto. Yet there are 1,687 dwellings (total) per sq km (1,047,780 dwellings all types in 621 sq. km). Every household in Toronto has about 3 people, there are 3,182 household per sq. km yet only 1,687 dwellings (total of all types) per sq. km.

I was under the impression they might have over built. And clearly they have not. Toronto’s poverty rate is roughly 1 in 3 people. Many say homes are too expensive. But there aren’t any, and the lack of supply means they go at a premium, that sales have slowed. If we leave it to the commercial market, they’d all be luxury properties.

Source: 1996, 2001, 2006 Censuses and the 2011 National Household Survey, Statistics Canada