Tidal: Would you subscribe for music?

Because of Jay Z’s 4:44, I signed up for the 30 Day Trial offer at Tidal. The sign up asks for my Paypal and subscription choice more than once and I had to sign back in. That’s the only funny thing and perhaps because it doesn’t remember when I alternated between my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

There’s no ear strain on Tidal, compared to Youtube. I tried it for free for 30 days, the 9.99 version. If you like listening to music then YES, you know “listening to music”. If you prefer music instead of video and talk. The suggestions are wonderful, diverse but not weird.

Youtube has tiny sound and iTunes you’re too digital with Tidal in the market. ‘Your’ albums ought to stay on Tidal forever, so its like paying to be part of a giant music library. Tidal makes 4:44 even better. Tidal is like sitting on cushions.