The Recession is Persistent, Start to Paddle

The near conclusion to my episode is that the persistence of the recession means that we have to start making our way under our own power. When in Canada, if we were ever waiting for oil prices to return or the dollar to rise or were hoping that General Motors would upgrade their facility instead of closing it, for what would seem to be an Uber investment, then it is time to give up waiting for the powers that be and paddle for ourselves.

Since household debt of the working age population is at an all time high in Canada, a person needs to catch up on any payments that is behind so they can free up money to use for other opportunities. And in my situation, I might be in New Jersey by mid-Autumn, which is a season ahead of my schedule.

Meanwhile, I have spent the last three years, since being laid off, doing halvesies between paddling and checking on the powers that be. So while waiting for an economic rebound, that I was granted admission to graduate studies and running these websites. At the beginning of the year, it just dawned on me to be square with any and all debts so that I can make the trip to the USA of my own accord.

The trick with debt, is not that you are in debt such as a mortgage, but that you might be behind and its that behindedness that accelerates being indebted. Until a person has a regular source of income (that can accelerate dwindling the debt), meeting the expected monthly payments but not losing your grip frees up money.