The Clean Economy: Energy, Poverty and Social Media

In my last post, I learned that clean energy will replace a mere 10% of current fossil fuel use, in order to allay climate change, and also produce 80% worth of new energy.

To visualize it then, clean energy is more filling like rice aka grains, and if fossil fuel were meats, you can replace 10% of meats in your diet with rice, and get twice as full. So you don’t crave as much throughout the day.

Another way to visualize it is that by replacing 10% of fossil fuel with clean energy, the energy output from the current grid jumps to 180%.

Though, we can’t replace more than 10% of fossil fuel with clean energy because then the peak efficiency of current clean tech starts to drop. That that 80:10 ratio might fall to 70:10 or 50:10, that if we were to replace 20% of fossil fuel with clean energy, the grid will produce 130% more and the more we replace it with clean tech that output drops.

It is the same with new economic thinking and thinking on using social media for promotion.

The new economic thinking is that if we reduce poverty by 10% we might also increase wealth output by 80%, that the entire economy produces 180% of wealth. But also that it is not going into debt to reduce poverty, meaning giving poor people loans to waste, but to create permanent solutions out of poverty. And this approach means funding tuition and family assistance to help students succeed. Because an educated mind who might be oppressed is more valuable than a rich uneducated mind that has to owe back.

Unfortunately, like clean tech, there might be a ceiling and that ceiling is graduating the people with the skills to support poor students. Like Teach For America, which is having a hard time recruiting teachers because it is extra hard work. So, like clean tech, we can’t merely replace more of the old grid with new stuff beyond their current ability.

Social media is the same way. Advertising is very big business, but where did it go? The secret is that advertising resources and money are spent on (drum roll) video games! No one knows this but video games are spending tons of money on advertising and using up all the advertising talent and budget, that newspapers don’t see any of it because its video games for young people aka boys.

Some people think they can replace more than 10% of their advertising budget with social media. But like clean tech and the new economy, they will go past peak efficiency.

Those are the solutions on offer. Though the old economy and the old ways are still present, that it is now easy to give poor people loans that they think they can hustle to pay it back. But that’s not finance, that’s hustling. Finance is pure exchange, but these poor people are working jobs to pay back that loan. If you are in finance you don’t have to work any other job. If you have to sell a mug on eBay that ain’t finance. If you have to throw a party that ain’t finance.

For example.

You approach the bank for a loan to start your business. You ask and they give you your loan. That money is used to pay for your living expenses and your business expenses, otherwise you don’t work for another company. It has to be paid back in 3 years. That is like 100% commission and no base salary. That loan is $90 million. With that money you can build 90, $1 million homes to sell. Or invest in mutual funds and just earn a return on it. Or throw parties like Puff Daddy to promote your artists