How Ontario Messed Itself Up

The provincial government is thinking of raising the minimum wage from $11.40(sic) to $15. There is an upcoming public hearing to get the public’s feedback but small business organizations are saying they have been shut out of this session. They oppose the increase naturally. With some “prominent” economists leaning toward raising the minimum wage. It seems like a good economic driver at a shallow glance.
Except that I am saying there are big social trends and recent ineffectual spending that will deepen Ontario’s poverty trend and stagnation. This government is cutting social support services from many fronts, including raising the minimum wage so that households receive less support. All the while households under the poverty line are growing because their children are coming of age to try to be self supporting. The recent $2 billion Toronto Pan Am Games that spent its entire budget just to stage the games and left cash registers empty and a low return on affordable housing infrastructure. Meanwhile social and employment support services for the lower income person are shutting down. Erstwhile the general mode is to invest in high value add opportunities, like engineering, technology and green energy, such as Uber.
It might be comparable to the new Health Bill introduced by the House of Representatives, that is cutting an umbrella program and replacing that with new programs and redtape. It seems well in theory, but in the case of low income households, the main impediment is both access to information and also convenience (like transportation that Uber is not such a good remedy).
The provincial government is going full tilt at investing in new programs for ‘elites’ like myself and others from middle class households. Except they also want us to migrate throughout Ontario. Because businesses in ‘far reaches’ of Ontario, away from Toronto, are wondering where are the skilled labor. So an essential order of the plan is to be uprooted, and without offense, these aren’t coveted or dream relocations. Its become quite an economic barn raising agenda that no one is personally bought into….it might seem amenable to a guy like me waiting to move to New Jersey, except there’s an entire self determination about that. Ought I ask that of those who aren’t moving to the USA? No. I don’t want to forget that the CRA (Canada’s Revenue Agency) has forgiven millions in unpaid income taxes, the high household debt load and sub prime mortgage looming crisis of Home Capital. It’s an environment created by self interest at the expense of the common share.
The provincial government’s plan is great in theory, except it hasn’t taken into account the self determination of individual fate. There has been no change in the unemployment but the press is selling the status quo extremely positively hard only to create resentment.