Entertainment Media Companies Hacked With Wacky Statistics

Entertainment media companies have been hacked by wacky statistics. And the reason for what we see is that they believe Uber and Yahoo is popular; quantitatively but I argue not qualitatively. Nothing to brag about but to disdain. Hence the creation of the corporate nigger. Gucci Mane, if you know a rather stylish man, is stereotyped like a Zimbawe militia man.

What is popular? Bill Clinton popular or Monica Lewinsky popular? School isn’t nearly as popular, but actually it is very popular! School is exceptionally popular at parties as is work and what’s in your head. AT&T might sell off Disney to Verizon, because its other division Warner is heavily invested in OVO Sound, which takes it off on another trajectory.

THIS IS THE STORY OF O.J.! Corporate Media will give up the slave rather than confront statistics. The difference between Merkle and Gucci Mane, is that white people have embraced her bullshit where black people have rejected this bullshit, that’s why I can talk like a nigger but not like a white person! White people don’t feel that their ‘way of life’ is ever threatened, because they have the nuke, but not education or true wealth! They talk so much garbage, and only because they’re white that we haven’t met a better white person!

Finally, the collection method we use is very unguarded. They tally the unemployment rate by calling individuals at home. So that if this method were ever to be ‘hacked’ by an organized campaign like terrorism, the nation is flying blind without instruments. A big news outlet covers this topic: Why you can’t trust Canada’s unemployment rate