Case Study of Yahoo Email Hack

Value (Other Person (exchange). Case Study of Yahoo Hack. In an economy the value of things is based on its relationship with the other person aka demand and supply. Keeping it to yourself has no market value but utility value aka using it for yourself. Market value exists only during an exchange with another person. Utility value is different for different people. Some people will use what they have to create masterpieces and others might use that same thing to learn how. This aspect of an object has no market value. The master don’t get it for cheaper or for more than the student learner.
For example. If I were a master who can create a master piece, do I get supplies cheaper because it will yield greater value? Do I have to pay more for supplies because it will yield greater value? It doesn’t matter, supplies cost the same to both master and student. As a master, I might donate to a cause to assist students pay for supplies. Therefore, the value of supplies is not moved by who uses it nor what for.
This same is true of the email service provided by Yahoo. Your email is as valuable as Hillary Clintons, because Yahoo is exchanging email service for account holders. You can not evaluate the value of an email account based on the utility of a child nor Hillary Clinton on the other end of the spectrum. The market value of a Yahoo email is the same for all, but how it was used has no baring on damages.

When Yahoo got hacked people are lucky they didn’t wipe out their emails up to yesterday