Blockchain Advertising

Modest income TV viewers spend disproportionate amount of screen time per day than middle and upper class income earners, and get news only from the social circle, the majority of whom aren’t close friendships. Blockchain advertising is merely remarketing for TV, which is following you around using what they call anonymized data or ID numbers. Anonymous in technology merely means no ‘proper names’, but it can follow ID numbers that is only pertinent to media companies and their partners, not connected to other things like your Social Security, so legally it is anonymous. It’s ironic there are music for lower class, middle class and upper class at AT&T and Comcast! In America a lower class scum can make more money than the salary of the U.S. President and they’re proud of it because they don’t have a valuable skill to help our society. It is not trite that you can enjoy stealing or because you are hungry, but lower class media is reinforcing that it’s okay to be lower class valued.

Supposed to be 'the Comcast' family
Supposed to be ‘the Comcast’ family
Supposed to be ‘the Netflix and Comcast’ family