AT&T Is Ditching Disney For Warner’s Crop

AT&T, that owns Warner and Disney, must sell Disney to Verizon, because Warner has invested $90 million, the same as a big movie, to back a new batch of characters signed on to the new OVO Sound label, lead by Drake that all mothers endorse for their kids because Drake came from TV on Degrassi series. Gucci Mane, one of the new stars in the photo, looks like a Zimbawe militia laid a kid to rest after a Blue Jays game, and the toy store, in his official baseball cap and blue tank top. Watching corporate niggers be lower class is hard! Gucci Mane you are a black faced retard. You’re hungrier than that bony kid in loose Tommy bitch! They gave you access and obviously you’re lost! Look if your chief don’t let you be upper black, we just gonna fuck off over here now. Why is it okay for video games but not real black men?