Why NETFLIX Is An Ideal Platform For Terrorists

The Iranian government rejected the United States of America’s government condolences after home grown Iranian Islamic State members carried out a terrorist attack in Iran. Both governments accusing the other of funding terrorist activities. In the US governments condolences was a caution that ‘you reap what you sow’. And the Iranian governments reception of that message was ‘likewise’.  Both governments sending messages from behind their walls (i.e. borders).

Meanwhile, there is another type of ‘command and control’ entity with its own walls. The corporation that operates behind multiple government walls at once, every day. And an innocuous service like NETFLIX, which does not have a clean operating reputation, might appear harmless. NETFLIX exhibits programming pre approved by the local governments. The main appeal to the enemy is being a transnational employee, linked consistently by a corporate intranet, behind the corporations own privacy, and a business reason to be in Iran, Russia and America.

For the fictional evil company called NETFLIX that repatriates profits, even from operations in Western countries like the UK, it might appear to be an American proxy for terrorism behind the walls of Iran.