Vietnam Must Stay Sovereign. The West Is A White Slaver. Happy Birthday Canada/USA!

Prelude: Canadians think religion does more harm than good, latest poll says (article).

Juvenile Jail MeMe: They let young adults out and then cut budgets and put them in private for profit services that had them working crappy jobs where they were exploited

You two found a few So Cal niggas dumb as shit whores to replace me and my race so you can sell us to the chinks motherfuckers? You wanna dip in the South China Sea and admire their coral motherfucking cocksucking whore worshipping racist niggas?

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Their non compliance, structural ignorance and mal informed, is a form of racist and excuses. GM and that Canadian Pension Fund, and the business community has degraded Vietnamese blood, put whores over queens, niggas in jobs that missiles point at Hue with no regard for the Vietnamese mind, the Vietnamese Catholic God, the Vietnamese sensibility. That Lyft and Uber stamps on missiles, white slavers in yachts in the South China Sea, drugs plentiful and white nigga ass, looking for Vietnamese royals for breeding.

You goddam white slavers think their sinful job is sovereign of Vietnam, my race and my family, that you can help set up missiles pointed at Hue, we gonna fuck you.

In the West, the Vietnam war is a mistake, long live the Red cultural revolution of economic success. That way works better says business! Vietnamese shit is nigger shit. Major trading partners are major historical and cultural teachers! Its business, in exchange for the Vietnamese race, our ‘Catholic’ God, our ‘science’, our ‘royalty’, our ‘best’ for drunken whore and rides in used cars!

China invaded Tibet. That is my position on the matter. You know South African white slavers with mineral license don’t give a fuck but to breed with Vietnamese royals like nigger house maids right? They’re so far away!  Let white children give rides in used cars. Vietnam will graduate! NO MISSILES OUGHT TO BE POINTED AT HUE!

Mostly like two white slavers from South Africa with a mining license in Ontario HAHAHA Canada has a reputation for being hospitable to white slavers in far away continents with mineral licenses and structural ignorance, who will give up Vietnam sovereign, like Huffington Oil, so they will take free dips next to missiles pointed at Hue in the South China Sea. That piece of shit Huffington is a homo-hetero cocaine parent, and that type of white piece of shit, puts Vietnamese ‘thoughts’ below drunken Vietnamese whore cunt on the world stage. It is the reverse of Ho Chi Minh! To sell the Vietnamese race, Vietnam’s sovereign territory to their chink partners.

You can’t go with them because Vietnam will give up territory and sovereign, to white slavers in yachts parked at missiles pointed at Hue! With Lyft and Uber stamps on the side of missiles. Vietnamese ‘doctors’, ‘priests’, ‘royals’, ‘professionals’ are in danger of devaluation for trade, that admires the Red cultural revolution miracle of economic management and control.

There is no rideshare industry, where the fuck did it come from? Vietnam peddie cabs? They play sports and sing which is better than our Sovereign. If I am the only Vietnamese with a brain, these words is better than ‘gambling’. They say I ain’t that good because Canada’s got grammar laws for language laws.