Toronto, the 4:20 or Truno 2008.

Canada’s Provincial Government Bonds sees a surge in foreign buyers. Provincial bonds are like State bonds, for American readers. And several provinces like Ontario and Quebec have seen a surge by foreign buyers, to the tune of $2 billion. Quebec has a budget surplus and is a good investment. But Ontario, only has a new balance budget going for it, except this is a bit of a misdirection with hospitals 130% over capacity and it is selling off government owned assets and cutting into services for people in real need. The poverty rate is 1 in 3. What did you do with the money when the rest of the shopping list isn’t here??? Ontario isn’t as good an investment except that its the center of media in Canada, like NYC and LA. What good is having Ontario in your pocket, for a foreign country, when its only the hub of Canada’s national media? LOBBYING FOR CHEAP OIL! And using the comfort provided by foreign investments in its government bonds to keep media workers stupid and grubs, talking about pretty gowns on Hollywood stars, all the while also writing about giving away oil! Erst while the city administration in Toronto use more than $1.9 million worth of Fentenyl on their work health plans! The goddam train operator is high! Maybe the white cop is a racist! Or a stupid young nigger thinks weed is cool because he’s a Huxtable. They all love Toronto, from all the haters, so leave ‘our’ city alone, you ingrate. To me they’re all motherfucking traitors, who can’t count inventory, save money and love using drugs. Is this atheism or feminism or civil rights? Hardly. Torontonians can’t read or write other than to fill a form. Reading and writing is like masonry, not like shit. Does it practice religion? It does not. Profit is more than about revenue. And practicing religion is more than wasting money, using your nigger hood to smoke weed, and using your job to be stupid as fuck! Toronto wants only to be left alone, except its Albertas oil, and also Canada.
The national average on personal debt in Canada is currently $1.74, to be $1.80 of debt to $1 of disposable income. Its a funny thing and goes like this. After your mortgage payment and your utility bills, you have a $1 of disposable income and the neighborhood kid asks for the $1.8 you owe him. Times that $1 by a million and that $1.8 by a million and you owe that kid. So city administration, that we know are addicts, owe some kid $1.8 x a million on every $1 x a million they can use to buy clothes, eat out and go on trips. Every one is a shit bucket motherfucker, even the goddam mayor because I ain’t that way and I don’t want to know more. And that stupid kid is a nigger because his race ain’t never poor!
Do we have to live with these shitheads that owe some kid all their disposable $1 plus another $0.8 that ain’t disposable? No. Here’s their future: They will sell off assets, rent for the rest of their lives, working for wages to pay the rest of their debt and live off government benefits in old age. That is how. If they don’t pay, they go to jail and their kids are put in foster care.
If you have more assets than debt, even for a teenager, you are in the top 20% and those goddam bank workers better respect that butter!
City of Toronto has reached a critical known quantity despite the assembly of angels. Money, drug addiction and high debt among the rich. The known quantity does not want to get out. And it might not have ever gotten out despite all the ‘patches’ and ‘updates’ available.
City of Toronto is more sovereign than Shenzhen, for international readers.
Social meme now is that if your corporation becomes a feel-good work program, quit. The social meme is that its a feel-good drug using government non profit bullshit thing. The rich are addicts.