The Serpent and the Rainbow: Freedom of the Press

Hope is like rain and to make it rain for hope. Someone told me and some times I have a use for it.

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS INDEX by reporters san borders is not like doctors without borders, as it measures ‘alternative media’. China arrested a human rights lawyer who publicly admitted to fabricating stories to further his cases. Is that a foul? Yes, this is conducting war through human rights! Alternative media like Breibart is not free because of advertisers and their customers in the USA who boycotted the publication that it makes no money, and the publication Charlie Hebdo was also alternative media of this type.  When the devil is a martyr you have lost God. America stopped hate through peaceful means!

Fire is in the heart not in the hands and it is the serpent ISIS that does not follow God that must be stopped forcibly as they have demonstrated with their response to the hate of Charlie Hebdo! When the heart and the hands are true, it is called work not hate.