The Problem With Modern Women

The problem with modern popular women is that they don’t believe in God or the Devil because for lack of ignorance and liberalism, they aren’t familiar with the idea of a ‘known quantity’. And to date one, that is always on the look out for a Devil or God personification, even if she calls herself rational, is to date a woman that has given up her bigger self for small knowledge. And why she falls for the jerk, who gives her small knowledge like glass baubles is because the other one cherishes her greater self like her parents. That includes childish things like reputation and making a good impression. The modern popular liberal woman has glass baubles for brains. She was never trained or skirted that responsibility before she took to navigating the world. To cherish one’s final self without knowing what it will become while maintaining it everyday is faith and love. The modern popular woman has no faith and given up love for glass baubles.

Ever you wore a crown keep winning it every day.