The CHL Brass Are A Bunch Of ‘Skimming Skum’!

Update — The CHL lost to the junior hockey players and must pay minimum wage retroactively (article).

The NCAA and CHL are both a bit of snake oil salesmen in my opinion, what league is the best avenue to get your son to play in the NHL says Hockey Family Advisor DON SUPPA. Along with that, the NHL asked its Canadian players who said they prefer the NCAA development program to the CHL, the reason being there’s only 690 jobs in the entire league and many use the NCAA to get a sports scholarship alongside the odds to play in the NHL. The reality is a player doesn’t really know what the competition will be like at the next level of play. This year, 2017, the CHL made a ballyhoo that 52 of its players are invited to the NHL Scouting Combine (Meet). Thats a pittance considering there is a class-action lawsuit against the operators of this league that is funded by the Government of Canada and assisted by the government of Washington State. Promoting itself as a developmental hockey school for young males in their teens, there is a class action law suit by former enrollees who said that many things in the contract with this league is practically impossible to redeem (Everything you need to know about the CHL class-action lawsuit). This class action lawsuit is allowed to go ahead in the province of Ontario, and maybe Alberta, after it was rejected by other provinces and Washington state (State memos showed child-labor concerns for WHL (of the CHL) youth hockey) which sided with the operators of this league for young men that it was, on paper, a developmental scholastic league (just that the benefits are hard to redeem). 27 years old is a fully developed male adult brain! They say the 52 who made it would have made it from anywhere as if the entire league were so good they all ought to be there. Its a new journey for most families and looking back that it ought to be hard to redeem what you earned.
The game itself is changing, “At the time, this met the definition of a legal hit. Its permanent, albeit barely visible, imprint remains in the form of a scar beside my right eye.” and is a bit behind American football in this way. Is the CHL suppose to be like a gift card that expires? Give me an effing break, the brass of that league for young men are a bunch of ‘skimming skum’ (thats what a snakes oil salesman is, ask the SEC or the FTC or the cops!).