Rich New York City

NY Court has ruled that Uber drivers are employees, not independent contractors, that are entitled to unemployment benefits. The Pro Business Federation is suing for an injunction to prevent gig economy workers from joining unions and argues that these employees fall outside of labor regulations. Odds are the Pro Business Federation will win, because in NEW YORK, the minimum wage differs for employees of small to big companies, such that employees across the spectrum get different treatment and benefits that depends on whether their company is small or big. In different boroughs of NEW YORK CITY, the minimum wage also varies, from $10 to $11. The assignment of a small business is 10 or fewer employees. So ridesharing and gig workers for companies like Uber will be working for a big company, but it is still likely pro business definitions will expand to include ‘these innovative business models’ while keeping labor unaffected. By the end of 2018, the minimum wage in NY State will be $15 for big businesses and 2019 for small businesses.
The employment rate in the USA is 4.3%, near full employment. Uber drivers aren’t competition if you just graduated with a specialized degree. For white collar professionals ridesharing gig workers aren’t competition at all. If anything, politicians would contend, they elevate the employment rate in an area, creating a new opportunity that doesn’t threaten high skilled white collar professionals.
“Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a plan to add 100,000 new jobs..particularly positions that pay over $50,000 a year”.
“the job here is to lift the floor for everyone in this city, to make sure that a middle-class lifestyle really is available to everybody.”
The pragmatist that I am assumes these aren’t current gig worker positions. I could be wrong, I’m not a highly trained politician.
For a household of 2.6, that might otherwise do nothing, ridesharing lifts them above the poverty line at a minimum wage of $15 per person. The pragmatist that I am assumes what you think, but again I’m not a highly trained politician.
George Clooney never ended up with a cocktail waitress. And $15 per person won’t get you close to reality like that, that you talk like a shithead in a room full of self made rich. So good on New York for eliminating poverty and getting full employment, I just want to remind them to remember their place. And any stupid rich pretends likewise can fuck it for kids. Especially the rich that breed it. We would rather stick to the old fashion way of making class.
I ain’t never gonna pretend even if Jesus Himself were here, I’d let Him fuck that whore rather than me. I’m just gonna be one of them regular Romans.
My way of class making is open to all and I promise that. That’s my politics. My Faith is treating your kid the same as mine in school, but not out over drinks as strangers. But I’ve been watching the motherfucker who’d take that bet. You might call it a form of prejudice, like my smoking cigarettes. HAHAHA. Lastly, General Motors can go fuck itself for taking away my friends wealth! There is no exchange. TAXI drivers are decent families and don’t deserve this. Many have been ensconced permanently. I’d like to see every Silicon Valley motherfucker blind by their Jesus Complex to fuck that gig worker. Never will a Silicon Valley pro business cult hack pro freedom families, this ain’t the Dutch Trading company nigger!