Medicine in Canada Confounded By Euthanasia, Heroin and Abortion

The doctors and surgeons in Canada might be confounded by the laws in this country that allow for euthanasia, abortion and regular reliance on pain-killers. Unlike nurses, doctors have a stronger international professional body, and many in Canada might be taking the option to opt out of Canada’s liberal approach to health and pain. Which is the opposite of preventative approaches to high levels of health complacency.

Many Ontario doctors are caught in euthanasia dilemma – The Hamilton Spectator

Canada’s medical approach to heroin addiction is moving into the United States, where Portland Oregon doctors are prescribing synthetic heroine “off label” – that is untested and unbacked by the manufacturer, for Oregon patients.  Rumor has it these drugs are manufactured in China or India.

How Synthetic Drugs Get Into (The Harmless) Joint – The Daily Beast

“Hydromorphone, which sells under the brand name Dilaudid, is a synthetic opioid very similar to heroin that is routinely used in hospitals across Canada to treat severe pain. Sutherland, a staff physician for PHS, prescribed the drug off-label for the purpose of managing the man’s addiction to opioids.” – The Georgia Straight

The use of heroin is much higher now, he said, than in the 1960s, when it was more experimental. – The Argus Observer

Synthetic drugs are practically consumer products. Synthetic marijuana sells itself as ‘new age incense’ – The Daily Beast

In a permissive group or country this can lead to addiction and a laissez faire (hip and hippy) relationship with hard drugs.

Ultimately doctors in Canada, where this approach is practiced is baring the psychological burden in practice.

N.S. doctors grappling with burnout (and suicide) – The Chronicle Herald