Marissa Mayer, Ridesharing/Housesharing Hacks India, China And Jesus Fuckers

I’m with America and Amazon..and Google too! I don’t believe in ridesharing nor housesharing as a ‘get out’, and I’d rather let Arianna Huffington take that bet for her family’s prospects. Ridesharing and housesharing is more like a drink than a generation of university graduates. We can turn India and China into a modest income gig economy! We can hack Alibaba and Japan through Mayer’s (purportedly the next UBER CEO) share of those companies. Let gig workers drive Cadillacs, if they imagine gig workers are doctorate refugees, they can find one and fuck it to swap DNA. There is no exchange. TAXI drivers are decent families and don’t deserve this. Many have been ensconced permanently. I’d like to see every Silicon Valley motherfucker blind by their Jesus Complex to fuck that gig worker. Never will a Silicon Valley pro business cult hack pro freedom families, this ain’t the Dutch Trading company nigger! Merely friendly competition against India and China, no war.