Judas Has Killed Canada

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is not made up by what you think. The stablest and largest employers in Canada make up the minority of the TSX! If you work for our banks, auto plants, telecommunications and retail businesses you make up a very small portion of our TSX!

2% Telecommunication Services
5% Consumer Staples
6% Utilities
9% Industrials
10% Consumer Discretionary
21% Energy
23% Materials
24% Financials

On top of that, of the $1 Tril on the TSX, 40% of that trading activity originates outside Canada. That means even though you might work for Ma Bell Canada, you’re a minority and even less so after that 40% discount!

At the moment, Barrick Gold, a ‘Materials’ darling is facing immense difficulties the world over (news). Its overseas operations are not allowed to let the gold leave those countries. Meanwhile, former miners who survived employer violence-abuse are in Toronto, to seek justice before our justice system (article).

What Canada amounts to is a modern nation with human rights abuses and bad domestic statistics to make us feel good instead of getting well. What it amounts to is a poison cake for a rich Socialist.