Uber makes most of its revenue from rounds of investments not rideshare. But by ruining the local ridership market and hiring publicists to get press coverage, it was able to skew perception. Places that legalized it saw no real impact on Taxis, but feed into the heavy publicity. And those that made it illegal listened to the concerns of the Taxi industry and followed their own regulatory framework. It was able to report large revenues, not from rideshare that had no impact in real life, but from investors.

Kind of like another case, The Steve Jobs movie was as big as The Founder and as big as The Showman. Around the $6 million mark (proof: budget $30 million, made $34.4 million). Any size movie like that will make around $6 million. That movie would still make that much profit on less budget and the hack was most of the budget went toward heavy promotion. But that concept only makes so much on its own. In conclusion, you don’t get back what you pour into promotion unless the movie itself is good, because its about profit, not just ‘make work’.

More coincidences, Harry Potter combined made $6.5 billion, General Motors in 2015 made EBIT $6.5 billion, Uber makes $6.5 billion. Facebook made $12 billion, and Uber is equal to Harry Potter and the Cadillac car, to ride in a used car!? Ultimately, used car rides makes as much as all of Harry Potter and all of the Cadillac and GMC trucks, but less than Facebook’s $12 billion?! And is better than oil and gas? “Porsche & Uber Partner for 2017 Australian Formula One” — IT’S A USED CAR RIDE! You would show up by an authentic Uber driver? FUCK YOU! And GM sank $600 million of Cadillac and GMC money into that shit?! GM wants to target chinks and browns who are first generation modest income earners. FUCK YOU GM for being a racist piece of shit! UBER is sooo WHITE, Arianna is their board (homo-hetero, cocaine parent), MARISSA is sooo WHITE, they take Cadillac and GMC money and put it in used car rides next to a Porsche owner in a leather two seater, so chinks and browns will buy Cadillacs??? WHITE PEOPLE LOVE HOMO-HETERO COCAINE PARENTING and think chinks and browns will lap this shit up!

That poor or coloreds do not understand complex tax shelters perhaps is the reason behind UBER no value investment on used car rides! Because we coloreds are simple honest workers. That HOMO-HETERO cocaine parenting is not about complex car design and tax shelters or bullshit used car rides for coloreds and poor shitheads like us! GM is practicing some upper class oriented bullshit with no value investing that we coloreds and poor don’t understand!!!

Ashton Kutcher and his friends are ponzi reps for UBER and they’re all WHITE!