Exchange Rate Math: Canadian Economy

Autos versus Energy. Check if I’m right or not. A low CDN dollar is bad for imported auto sales because it raises the price of imported cars, though, it is good for energy exports and even auto exports made here. Since the TSX is over weighted toward energy and financials it is good for exported goods like energy and financials mostly. And that perhaps the 40% foreign originated activity on the TSX is related to the exchange rate suppression. A low CDN dollar is good for exports which are mostly energy and financials. Is that right? By payroll is a low exchange rate good for telecommunications, consumer goods and industry that represent slightly around 10% of the TSX but might represent more of the work force? Can we say a low CDN dollar is helping Ma Bell Canada or Canadian fashion brands? Are they the primary beneficiary of a low CDN dollar. If a low CDN dollar is good for energy is it equally good for exports in agriculture which is even rarer than oil because of the breed stock? I should also recall that by ‘financials’ it might be this ‘shadow banking’ sector that is not guaranteed by the government, that our regular banks have to bail out with our own savings. Can Canada ever develop a new economy and get out the shadow of this? Canada is more Dallas than Silicon Valley.