Economics Futurist Report: Not Faith Popcorn HAHAHA

The Baby Boom generation, post WW II, was preoccupied by birth, as a result of abundant work, and the necessity to school their kids, including using entertainment.

The Slacker generation, is preoccupied by death, of their aging Baby Boom parents including providing for long term elder care.  Health care sees a rise, and only high yield industries are making themselves felt, like technology that is mostly software. But students are still following their interests not these social trends.

The Millennials are preoccupied by work, or lack thereof, including concentration of industries in different centers that is a part of the supply chain model.  They are also following their interests not necessarily following demand as in health care or manufacturing trades. And high yield technologies is seeing an over abundance of labor short on management experience.

In order to do well in this era, whose attention is divided between death, progress and regions specialized on industries, a person has to be good with their money, able to manage on their own and have a plan.