Drugs And Cartels

In a region where a business cartel, like oil, wants to lower resistance, it becomes flooded with drug use. And glamorous people who use drugs or beautiful people who end up dealing drugs are losers of big business cartels. Drugs reduce the resistance to gluttony. Like the models in Miami who are all out of whack and use pain killers now (where the oil pipeline ends). Beautiful and dumb as shit. Especially drug dependent Canada where the health care is free, the eskimos in the arctic are treated like shit and oil is given away. And Canada’s liberal medical practices, such as using off label snythetic heroin (pharmaceutical drugs made in China or India and allowed there), was perfect for stupid Portland Oregon. Liberal Canada, liberal Oregon and maybe liberal Miami, where the old man is an old relic, will resist everything for drugs because the young and beautiful are stupid as shit and don’t even know its about big business cartel like oil.