Content Business Debunked (Magazines, EPs, Books, Motion Pictures)

The magazine is a movie, the publisher is the story teller cum director. The corporation provides the loan (financing), production (masonry) and distribution, like a motion picture studio. Many things are that way.

Lets look closer at each piece including the artist or magazine publisher.

The artist or magazine publisher can find financing at a regular bank, called a business loan. But the regular bank has standards that apply to all of its customers regardless of their line of business. So that a franchise might be a better bet to the bank than an EP or a magazine. So the magazine publisher might approach a ‘pool of private’ money, like a corporation, that will take riskier bets. It is still a loan with interest, and this loan + interest is an expense on every unit you might sell.

A corporation will take these riskier bets, that the bank will not, because it can provide something the bank can not to improve your odds of success. These things are production, that I call ‘masonry’ like a good producer to help your sound or a top notch marketer to make your thing look good. It might also have distribution like radio stations, movie theaters and newstands or store shelf space reserved.

What you take home is after all your expenses including that part that pays back your loan with interest. And some corporations might charge you extra for using their staff production people and marketing advisors.