Canadian Oil The Brand

Canada supplied more oil than OPEC to the USA last year from the oil sands. It also seems Canadian suppliers of oil sands oil are the only ones who believe in the raw product and their competitors argue that the price of refining oil sands crude is higher.

At the same time Canada is hoping for the seat at the 2021 U.N. Security Council and because of the undesirable status of our ‘dirty oil’ around the world, with it also being a big employer of military veterans, it is a big conflict of interest issue. So the press says the government intends to woo for that seat with ‘expensive gifts’ and in light of recent Toronto City Hall bid rigging scandal, such largess opens another can of worms for wasteful spending and infantile ethics.

Instead of having foreign companies operate out of Canada, committing all kinds of abuse else where as Canada, they ought to operate here with us.

If our oil sands suppliers believe that our crude is not so dirty, on paper, they ought to put it into practice and supply a better oil, negotiating for investments in refineries that produce a nicer cleaner product than we now believe. Seems they have the expertise along with the belief. They ought to be the Apple or Starbucks of oil.

The wholesaler of oil is the Earth, the cost to extract it is the bare minimum. And for Canada to pipe its crude to refineries in other countries is to pass along oil  at wholesale, so others mark it up to retail and sell it back to us.