Canadas New Jobs Report Coverage Is Misleading

The unemployment rate has risen in May (At the same time, the unemployment rate rose by 0.1 percentage points to 6.6%) , though slightly, so the economy is the same. But the coverage of this data is intolerably festive. Which means the media apparatus in Canada is a mood tool, not a reporting tool.

Leading mood instead of following mood is bad reporting. Did the unemployment rate rise or not? Yes. Do people keep graduating and retiring or not? Yes. Is the economy growing quicker than retirement and graduation or not? No. Tooting the horn about job creation within a shrinking picture is merry making for the rich and the servient, and denying the regular person.

Surges By ‘Massive’

more than triple expectations

hot with gain

blockbuster job numbers

Excuse me but a blockbuster has a definition, check it.

Now that the minimum wage in Ontario will be $15, apparently even retail and service workers are staying instead of leaving for office jobs that were once more lucrative. So that opportunities every where is tight and new hires will be expected to be very talented because that wage level is $31,200 a year, so its not a hire to do little stupid things. While the price of oil is expected to rise, making it less appealing to invest more than basic crude drilling. Refining crude is like turning wood into lumber or furniture, refining is manufacturing and adding value to basic raw materials.