Canada 150: Moaner’s Status Game

Moaner’s achieved status for new bedding, in the hood. When she comes out to the country no one notices because there’s less. So she when goes back to the hood, shes back into the status game. No one’s with her or spends time with her that working for a future is as lonely as being that fiend who’s the only one cheering her on. Moaner wonders what thinking like a man is like, so she emulates rules that ain’t fair and says I’m a bitch, not a man. And not one bitch knows what thinking like a woman is about.

Coupla reminders:

Groupies are fine when you were one

Chef ain’t scared of a dolt

A kingdom without the poor is a private household HAHAHA

I got my man she says. He’s all there at least!

Psychism is a very primitive form of communication.