California Senate’s $400 Billion Universal Health Care

Do Californians trust their neighours to prevent another mortgage recession crisis? Do they trust that their financial industry have got their health in mind?

If California will have Universal Health Care for $400 Bil (The Blaze) they need to check every assumption they make about the state’s source of income including commodity prices not tanking like oil or tax revenue prior to a recession or so called ‘foreign sovereign investments’.

California Universal Healthcare is $400 Bil (a year?) for 40 million people, that is $10,000 a year per person, or $30,000 for an average family of 3. If everyone is taxed the same from infants to seniors, their healthcare usage will increase, from light to heavy as they age. People of working age use less as seniors but pay the same ‘tax’. But those on social assistance might not get coverage with the same level of service, with different caps for different services.

In Canada, the wait is the cap instead of hiring more doctors to reduce the wait. And being socialist, the law is also different, called constitutional law (common law) not case law, which sets down the law.

A sophisticated model to manage that is easy to cheat because it would require very ‘fine tuning’ all the time. It is kind of like a single gigantic nuclear power plant. If you don’t like it you better close it up again rather than leave it half open for in your senility.

In Canada big trends are pushing the system over capacity:

  1. Small towns are ‘dying’ and the population is flocking to urban centers (The Immigroup)
  2. Hospitals are over capacity, as much as 130%, for months on end (Toronto Star)