Arsenic And Old Lace: Toronto’s $400 Bil ‘Four Easy Pieces’

U.S. President Donald Trump is thinking of raising American oil production, that is why investment funds the world over are flocking to American oil assets. Unfortunately there’s about $400 Bil belonging to foreign investors is way laid in Toronto’s Stock Exchange (TSX) betting on Barrick Gold, that is facing down two Peruvian ladies, here in Toronto, who are like sole survivors of violent employer abuse, an export ban in ‘conflict zones’ and a big cyanide spill. Meanwhile vacationing peers of Home Capital Group (a non regulated mortgage company), interviewed at a Mexican resort, says our regulated banks ought to bail out the impending implosion of this company.  That $400 Bil in the TSX is waiting for the gold to be mined and sold, someone to buy up those mortgages or a pipeline to be built.

The City of Toronto, which experienced the downfall of a ‘crack smoking mayor’ at the same time as a major crime sweep central to the illegal drug and gun trade, recently fired four city managers for bid rigging. Specifically not looking out for the city’s best interest when suppliers colluded to raise their prices. And because the Pan Am Games TORONTO! is here, you’d be amiss to find anyone cheaper in British Columbia or near Ottawa. The great Pan Am Games TORONTO! yielded negative results for this city (equal to a slow season in a recession). The games mascot cost a $1 million to use the idea of a little girl who drew it. Meanwhile the games provided expedited visas for volunteers, and coincidentally the youth cult leader Jose Miranda from a Pan Am game nation, was all over the billboards in the university district. After the $2 Bil bill, we still have no money for the poor as hospitals are over capacity 130% months on end nowadays while gorgeous rural towns for tourists die out.

Crack Smoking Mayor, Lack Luster PAN AM GAMES, Collusion and City Hall Corruption: each of these four pieces have ’employees’ that also did bad or incompetent things, not just the front person. Employee in the mayors personal employ, employee with the PAN AM GAMES, employees with suppliers and employees in City Hall. “Four easy pieces” (original post)

Did you know, outside of Toronto, the ferry to Boston from Nova Scotia has stopped running? You thought Boston was in Pennsylvania right? Its more by Prince Edward Islands and whales.

What ties these things altogether has been the greedy exploitation of free and low paid workers, an eagerness for plentiful and practically legal marijuana, insufferable hype and a heated lust for foreign money, selling people who weren’t game up the creek. Toronto is dishonest and lacks honor. Having lived through this time, that’s the story I choose hahaha. Oh by the way the difference between U3 and U6 is a PhD working Starbucks hahaha. Luv.

Append: Canada has 30 million people and there’s a total of $1 Tril on the TSX, yet one in three lives below the poverty line. Everyone should be a millionaire, its socialism! right? Oh and because of the lax visas and an appetite for illegal drugs, the Mexican Cartel is recently expanding to Canada, just as China, that not perfect country, declared a chemical in the manufacture of Fentanyl illegal because it was being bought so much by Canadian buyers.