Would You Marry A Harvard Grad Whose Parents Are Poor?

Would You Marry A Harvard Grad Whose Parents Are Poor? I hypothesis that this question is at the very heart of our cities current strict class snobbery.

“Our cities and suburbs are being replaced by a patchwork metropolis, in which small areas of privilege are surrounded by vast swaths of poverty and disadvantage. The rise of a winner-take-all-urbanism, with a small group of winners and a much larger span of losers, signals a profound crisis of today’s urbanized knowledge economy that threatens our economic future and way of life..world’s superstar cities also generate their vexing challenges: gentrification, unaffordability, segregation, and inequality (The New Urban Crisis).”

In another urban studies book studying marriages in urban settings directly, B.T. Robson (Urban Analysis: A Study of City Structure with Special Reference to Marriages). The researchers confirm that our first social networks are formed within a block of where we live. And if we stay in that area we also marry within that social network. But the migration of the creative class to cities is breaking that formula amid the gentrification of neighborhoods where rich and poor live alongside one another to administrate for social wellness and more diverse communities. So that one can no longer go by ‘rich’ neighbourhoods and poor neighbourhoods in a dense urban environment. So social class identifiers begin to break down.

But since we’re speaking of marriage, is living on a rich drive what its about in falling in love. Returning to the original question, would you marry a Harvard grad from a poor family?