Why Canada needs a Great Reset

As awful as it has been south of the border, the Great Recession appears to have given the U.S. the impetus and political capital it needed to address issues that have been troubling it for decades, bearing out Rahm Emanuel’s notorious quip (actually a quote from the economist Paul Romer) that “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” From health care and now banking reform, with shrinking home ownership and the beginnings of a new transportation infrastructure, the U.S. –however chaotically and hectically — appears to be resetting itself as a result of the crisis.
Canada might look to be in good shape on the surface, but underneath that veneer problems are piling up. Canada lags in productivity, as research by the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity’s Roger Martin and Jim Milway has shown.
Canada also lags in technology: both in patents and in the even more complex managerial skills that are required to transform raw technology into profitable products and systems, like the iPhone,
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