The Case of Toronto; Diagnosing Problems

There are five major components grooming a city and they are the citizens, businesses, the Federal government, the City government and the Provincial government. Citizens in Toronto have organized Gay Pride and Caribana. The businesses have organized TiFF and Taste of the Danforth. The Provincial Government have recently given the Pan Am Affordable Housing Project and if you appreciate the universities in Toronto, that is also under their responsibility. So what is the City government responsible for doing?

Pan Am Affordable Housing Project, in Toronto where 1 in 3 live in poverty.

Though the Wigwamen project is beautiful, of those that live there ten times or more are left outside. Our eyes deceive us and only by going by numbers, like piloting a plane, do we know which way is up.

I side-track to the case of Chicago, where the problem is violence. They have determined to bridge the gap between community and police in order to tackle violence. Back in Toronto, where the problem is poverty, not business nor manufacturing nor tax base, yet those are the issues that take up the most time. But in tackling poverty, the solution for those other ailments will be found. Poverty is the real cancer.

The city has finally decided to raise taxes on your real estate. As a means to ending poverty, which isn’t my situation, I think its the right decision. Though something about poverty prevents a bridge from being built and that is not knowing where the gap is. Which parts of the city is divided over the problem of poverty? A third of us are poor, a third of us know that and can it be a third us don’t know anything of the sort?