Lowest, Low, Middle, Higher: Per Capita Consumption

This interactive diagram of the per capita consumption of 92 countries illustrates the differences families in the income stratas spend on living, between Lowest, Low, Middle and Higher.

(Source: World Bank)

Here are my observations (you can come up with your own).
1. Food and Beverages spending is determined by families in the Low category. The total average matches their consumption.
2. Every family spend the same amount on ‘Others’, whatever that is.
3. Every family also spend practically the same amount on ‘Health’.
4. The ‘Lowest’ income families spend slightly less on ‘Housing’, every other families spend about the same amount.
5. The richest families spend the most on ‘Transport’ and this amount increases from Lowest to Highest families.
6. Every family spend the same amount on ‘Clothing and Footwear’.
7. Water consumption decreases with wealth, but overall is matched to families in the ‘Low’ income bracket.
8. Education spending is the most in ‘Low’ and ‘Middle’ income families, least in ‘Lowest’ and ‘Highest’ income families.