Canada’s Bullshit Statistician Of The Rich

Here’s evidence of Canada’s bullshit statistician of the rich! The chart below is proof, upon which I submit my testimony.

Can you do ‘averages’? A ‘B or A’ when every province is a D-???

And to compare counties or regions to nations??? That’s BULLSHIT!!!

That B.C. with its world famous drug problem is equal to the fitness of Sweden??? Which B.C. street???

Canadians are an illiterate bunch because this has risen to leadership for all our talk about education, healthcare and productivity!

I say ‘rich’ because the richer you are the healthier you are (notes the source of that chart) and yet 1/3 Canadians live below the poverty line. This is a survey of the rich! Canada isn’t even that wealthy and for it to go on and on like its got some face to save.