Branding Is NOT A Fuck Up Story #Management

Brands have a story..of success. No surviving brand is a parable or a tragedy that makes you NOT want to go into business. There are work problems and new developments as the world lives out its future days that stymies brands. There are work fixes and new solutions that antes up for the cheat on the consumer. And finally, there are fuck ups that’s just a fuck up not problems, they’re fuck ups, like people who are fuck ups. These aren’t brand problems, they’re individualized fuck ups. It’s not cancer or hyper-tension, it’s not death in combat or street violence. They’re not problems but fuck ups. Is divorce a fuck up like drunken sex? Is gambling a problem or a fuck up? These things don’t happen to brands. When a brand has a fuck up story it seizes to be a brand because a brand that is a fuck up is not our ongoing concern.