♞ #Sports Toronto 2 NJ: The Professional Sports Revenue Model

NJ leads the U.S. nation in the number of Bachelor degree, Graduate Degree and Highschool Diploma holders, and what it lacks are school drop outs. Its five primary industries are logistics that includes Amazon Inc, biopharma and technology. Yet, the only state smaller is Rhode Island. What the NJ Devils charge for premiums seat is: NEW JERSEY DEVILS Glass Row: $300, 2nd row: $125, 140% premium. On the other side of the bridge and tunnel, not Brooklyn but Manhattan, NEW YORK ISLANDERS
have No premium charged. It is actually more expensive to sit in the back of the 100 level sections than the front. Not really sure what the thought is there. I guess a better viewing angle, but is contrary to almost all other pricing strategies. What’s Toronto? If you thought it were NY you’d be right except you were thinking of NJ. Toronto is like NY by poverty, not like NJ for ‘well to do’ elite professionals. The owners of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Rogers Communication and Bell, are operating under heavy debt loads. Love don’t make money but for prostitution. And their professional sports revenue model has hit a snag, “Share Of Workers In Minimum Wage Jobs Has Grown Fivefold In Ontario: Study”. In Toronto, if you’re not white chances are 62% in Toronto you live in poverty. Get this! You are also, young, married, immigrants, highly educated, and unemployed. Thats like Aziz if he were Canadian. That can’t compute with this model: Premium seats are 15% of inventory but 40% of revenue, therefore non premium seats are 85% of inventory and 60% of revenue. The proof is “Dividend pause at Rogers Communications Inc a sign of debt-equity tug of war..The company could have chosen to follow BCE’s lead in issuing equity to reduce leverage..intensifying game of tug of war taking place between debt and equity holders not just at Rogers.”




NHL Teams Charge a Big Premium for Glass Seats, But All is Not Transparent