The Trouble Of Islam For The West

Islam is fairly new to the West and its Western adherents with world wide acclaim are few so the West is hampered by our little understand of this religion and its laws. A ‘Jihad’ is a striving and a struggle, and declaring a Jihad is declaring officially that a group is having difficulty and struggling — military action is only one of many diplomatic options (Islamic Supreme Council).

But the Islamic world is complicated. Take the example of Saudi Arabia just recently allowing Iran to attend Mecca, which is a holy site for Muslims (Iran Reaches Agreement with Saudi Arabia on Pilgrimage to Mecca). Many Muslims feel that this has more to do with Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the West and other countries than with any discord among Muslims.

Finally, that progress having to do with the rest of the world is causing dire straits for some under-served or oppressed ethnic and regional muslim groups.