The Complacency Of “GOOD”

Our complacency with Good has segregated our first world society into an endemic under-class without even a second-thought. This is in response to Uber’s business model which is a segregation of full-time employment, that guarantees minimum wage and ‘work expenses’ (cabbies that use Uber app) and that gig economy which is fare-only and commission-only with your own expenses (Uber drivers).

The second scenario is better than ‘nothing’ but it is not a permanent solution anyone would wish on the country for their future and their kids. It might be worse than begging for spare change because the ‘business expenses’ might dig a worse money-hole than your bad dignity.

Is it any good for even a 2nd-world society? Not for real cab operators there too. It’s a 3-rd world business solution because there the supply of motorized vehicle is rare and the infrastructure is thread-bare. But in the first world, commission-only Uber drivers appear like locusts despite losing money at the end of the day and ruining the business infrastructure.

This is Uber that exists off-Wall St.

And those ‘mag crews’ in the Mid-West who sell magazine subscriptions to make spare cash, on their own expenses.