Fun With Ads

Each issue of a magazine is similar to a website visitor cookie, except you know how many webpages a visitor looks at but are you sure they also read the entire magazine? If they don’t flip through the entire magazine then ad prices ought to diminish further back or diminish away from the cover story.

Websites can set higher rates around their cover stories and also around star writers. They call it the Dave Barry effect.

If you own a local business put an ad on a bus shelter in front of your store with an arrow pointing to it or on a bus with the stop to get off

The other difference between magazines and websites is the ‘database’ and the ‘affinities’. A magazine’s database defines its demographics whereas a website’s audience affinities defines its demographics. A website doesn’t need to register its audience in a database because web analytics is sampling their patterns — with remarketing through affinities you can catch a non-identifying web surfer as they are on other websites through probability sampling.

Email marketing ought to offer a strong reason to sign up.

Lastly, TV touts the coveted 18 to 45 segment, but really they ask their parents for advice if they’re any good or they show off to them what they’ve purchased — If you can imagine what they watch in private hawhawhaw.