Feature Film Wednesday: Dirty Deeds Vs Slackers

These two teen ‘outsider’ movies complement each other well. The first, Dirty Deeds, are about characters trying to get into the established circles. The second, Slackers, are about characters who are already there but can’t care less about it.

This I am scheduling two indie teen movies impromptu and the Prequel to Lord of the Rings — Hunt For Gollum will be featured next-next week.

1:24:04 Minutes

1:40:06 Minutes

If you have a movie you want to add to the Wednesday line-up send me the link to its embeddable video:

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(Technical tip: If it doesn’t work here you have to go to YouTube by clicking the YouTube icon in the bottom right of the screen while the video is ‘rolling’. All past feature-films we have screened are in the Playlist of the video-player.)