Feature Film — Two Square Miles

Updated Wednesdays — we are glad to share exciting, fun and great feature-length indie films every week from their owners. We try to pick ones that are ‘safe’ for most audiences, that is PG-13 and not more than Rated-R.

Now please enjoy this feature length documentary Two Square Miles (the Prequel to Lord of the Rings — Hunt For Gollum will be featured next week).

Made for PBS’s Independent Lens, this feature documentary is about a quaint small town in Upstate New York, struggling with contemporary issues of inequality, racial disharmony and future prosperity. Drama ensues when the residents are divided in their support of a planned 300-million-dollar cement plant and a hotly contested mayoral race (PBS).

(Technical tip: If it doesn’t work here you have to go to YouTube by clicking the YouTube icon in the bottom right of the screen while the video is ‘rolling’. All past feature-films we have screened are in the Playlist of the video-player.)