Canadian Business: 1/3 Dumbed Down

The big difference between Canada and USA business is that government prop up Canadian businesses. Those that have expanded, like Magna (to China), Earls (to the USA) and Loblaw (to the USA) are innovative. Those that stay find an over-crowded market. If they do not diversify their operations, they run into a talent shortage here in Canada, like Blackberry (formerly RIM) that sinks them because their need lowers their hiring standards.
1/3 of Canadians are below the OECD average in literacy and numeracy. Out of a mere 30 million people, that’s a big drop in this pond. You can say, eventually in every company 1/3 are bad at math and literacy. Every ‘rate’ is a big drop in this pond. It becomes a rarity that a company does not have that 1/3 dumbing down effect because there are labor imbalances in different lines of work.
Immigration by and large is not based on your employer but your education. Once you get here, you might not be interested in what ‘they’ had in mind, so gaps might remain unfilled. And those companies that import skill find it hard to justify why local talent don’t want to work with them.