Readers Question Veracity Of Homeless Investment Banker

Readers have responded to my column last week about the plight of an investment banker who found himself homeless “richandhomeless” said because of the lack of affordable penthouses in his city. Some of my readers wrote in to question the veracity of his claim.

Verona J says, “I doubt very much there isn’t a suitable penthouse for that well to do young man. I live with my hair-blower and I find there’s plenty of room in it for me and my cats.”

Gloucester N says, “Your young homeless investment banker said he was wanting to settle down in an honest relationship, but it seems to me that if he wanted to marry a girl he’d have no problem finding plenty of nice ones.”

And finally,

Long OC says, “Doesn’t the young man realize that perhaps he’s addicted to ‘couching surfing’..back in my day we called it what it was and nothing has changed. To me he’s just crashing at his friends homes why doesn’t he settle for less?”

Another writer agreed, NJ Portland says, “Though he didn’t say how much he made, I believe your homeless investment banker who worked at “a national bank” should ask his parents how they can manage unless his parents are as well of as him too!”