Op-ed: The Canadian Dream is a Pipe-Bomb.

“The Canadian Dream has Replaced the American Dream”, a new pipe-dream for immigrants, like Jews from Warsaw to NYC, who had to start up the film industry we know today to escape the ghettos. What will it be? Marijuana dispensaries sourced from Colombia founded by Jose Miranda, the second coming of Jesus? A Canadian Alibaba to rival the Chinese one? Perhaps the greatest take-over boutique bank in the world’s history to sell off Canadian holdings around the world. Canada belong to Canadians they say: then retail spaces in France don’t. And the new cash-crop in Colombia is reserved for Canadian addicts. And America is closed until more people of color and more women represent their number in upper bracket income jobs. If Canadians can’t kick the drug habit, then they keep young men of color dealing drugs, and they can’t make money unless it is as temp farm-laborers – urban young men try it and they soon find out drugs is the only thing racist Canadians will let them do. Racism isn’t corruption it’s a point-of-view, like Buddhist and Catholicism and the Theory of Relativity. “”Toronto the Good” .. was coined by former mayor William Howland (1886-87,) who, in the words of the Toronto Star, was “an anti-vice, anti-gambling, anti-liquor, Bible-thump[er].” (Blog-TO)

It might seem obvious to Canadians what they can do with ‘foreign investments’ but someone forgot to show them the price. The person saying they have no problem with life in Canada has never seen the American dream. What’s upper-middle? The real-estate in Toronto is artificially high such that their mousey noses think they’ve made it. They say stupid things like this ‘shoe box’ of mine working at Starbucks is the same as what an American doctor lives in. They can’t reason because beyond this is death, God and angels living in clouds. They might go back to visit and spend all of their money keeping up with modernity there. They are trapped – they oppose organized labor and its pension and income security. They prefer to be the new-Jew, who will create the next movie industry – because they are trapped by debt in a bold-new world, except it isn’t a smart place because debt is the rat-race track here (Adam Baker – Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love.) Canadians have extremely high consumer-debt, in conjunction with the universal safety net of health. They espouse ‘racist or oppressive’ logic in their rap and song lyrics. And when foreign leaders visit, they hurry home to institute resilience programs in schools and education programs on money management. They’re the butt of jokes, though no one knows how they generate money from it. They’ve been so oppressed they tell themselves it’s their prerogative to ‘fit in’ and their original people are niave and foolish as they appear in newspapers here. It’s an open secret, but Canadians are in a ‘river denial’ (How to Get your Family Finances Right – The G & E Show), saying it’s in all the books, that Canada import cheap-labor, and takes the edge off by choosing the prizest ‘innocents abroad’.

They’ll work full-time for free; when my family and I were told never to do such things. This isn’t the Vietnamese influx of the 80s. This is opportunity-seeking, not democratic-standard-bearing. Though they aren’t riff-raffs, at least its something like a caste-less system. Toronto, however for, never got it together for them.

White-businesses wanted cheap labor, but the government had to manage social anxiety, so they choose the ‘cream of the crop’ during opportunities of Displace Persons, except these immigrants had other expectations: Pleading that it must have access to a continuing supply of imported labour willing to assume lowwage and low-status positions rejected by “preferred” immigrants and native-born Canadians alike, business warned that the economic boom was in jeopardy. They pressed Ottawa to skim off the cream of the almost one-million-strong labour pool languishing in the Displaced Persons camps in Germany, Austria, and Italy before other labour-short nations—including the United States and Australia—beat Canada to the punch.

Canada’s trade surplus in Agri-food is supported by immigrant workers that exclude whites: “Priority remained fixed on promotion of the immigration of farm families. But, initially, this was not the only criterion for preferred admission. Unabashedly colonial, the government defined those from outside the British Isles as “foreign” and, blatantly North American, it excluded white, English-speaking American immigrants from this category.”