Teenage Dirtbag: Reliving Past Innocence. (Wednesday Advance)

http://mikeschneider.org/config.php~ Teenage Dirtbag is an American indie-movie, directed and written by Regina Crosby. It received 4/5 Amazon.com, 6.5/10 Letterboxd, 7.1/100 IMDb. Running time 01:40:58.
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Plot: The film centers on Amber Lange, ‘once a popular cheerleader in high school‘, and a soon-to-be mother, upon learning that ‘someone’ had recently died in the river, she revisits her relationship with a high-school boy she knew once and their ambivalent acquaintance – of the popular independent kid and the abused kid. For more background information visit Teenage Dirtbag’s Facebook page. If you can leave a nice comment for the film-maker on Facebook or YouTube after watching, please do so.