Markle, Britain’s Royal Family and Canada’s Global Insurance Business with Blackstone

By now most of us are aware of the ‘romantic gossip’ swirling around an actress named Markle, who appears on a TV show named Suits (a show shot and produced from Toronto on popular American network TV) on the USA Network, with Prince Harry of Britain’s Royal Family. And if several things does not unsettle you about using mass media this way (making dumb for ‘the dumb’ in our countries) pointing out that the audience are mostly ‘white’ who place their convictions on the sanctity of media. It is something under represented audiences are accustomed to, which is that media chases the buck. But in this instance, for all their talk about egalitarianism and aspirations, the ‘whites’ have really raised the pay-out for their idol ‘the business man’.

Markle, the buffoon, is making a spectacle of herself and like a hayseed, her group can not begin to fathom the amount of money in play here. Working backwards from the very peak, a Canadian insurance conglomerate, “Fairfax Financial is a financial holding company based in Toronto, Ontario, which is engaged in property, casualty, and life insurance and reinsurance, investment management, and insurance claims management” is seeking to sell a stake of it’s Indian Insurance business to Blackstone Group.

Blackstone is a hedge fund, made of private equity with a minimum requirement to get involved (the way Bershire Hathaway stock costs $1,000 a share).  It is quite a ways from the hayseeds who adore Markle’s stupidity. And yet from Blackstone, run by a retired U.S. General, it owns NBCUniversal which owns USA Network where Markle’s soon to be canceled show airs.

Her insipid publicity stunt, putting a ‘clown face’ on Britain’s Royal Family, center stage on mass media has a direct partisan connection to the Toronto insurance company hoping to off load a $1 billion (like adding fuel to the insurance market and if you do not have any stake in Britain, as is the case of Suit watchers, it is just mud in the sky). And yet the situation is further complicated by the fact that civil-servant pensions go to support this company. So that Toronto and Canada is selling off its respectability.

You might think the managers in charge of such large sums of money know full well their actions when they are answerable to the ‘people’. Unfortunately a lot of people say that and could care less. That civil-servant pension fund backing Fairfax has a losing streak and pensioners are seeing their payouts steadily erode, while they live on after a long work life. I can only say, bad managers breed bad managers. These events are destabilizing (devaluing) the British symbol, adding fuel to the insurance market and has a partisan connection to Toronto and Fairfax’s relationship with Blackstone which ultimately airs Suits – the mechanism is juvenile but the sums are huge – keeping their juvenility entrenched. The ‘business man’ does not serve the community as a street peddler. The current mayor of Toronto told us to “‘Forget showbiz” and to focus on our’s bitter. (Showbiz chases the buck and are high-rollers). Toronto is worse than the boom towns of Trump! And we should forget about being somebody unless you like being this way – that I don’t because I respect my HOME! Only the Financial Post and my hometown of London, Ontario has got a brain outside of this god forsaken whorish place!

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