Excuse Me If I Care About Our Collective Future, Canada.

Canadian consumer debt (non-mortgage) $2 Trillion for 30 million people (including kids) is $66,666 per person including kids in disposable consumption bills.

Plus mortgages, of which Merrill Lynch is offering securitized mortgage-backed ‘papers’, the most in Canadian history, on trailer park homes. Complementary, banks say a part-time job is better than no job as manufacturing and IT employment shrink due to low oil prices. $2 billion spent on the Pan Am Games didn’t make a blip on Google Trends and local businesses that financially backed the games saw absolutely zero business activity, yet 10,000 volunteers were ‘recruited’ across the Americas for expedited Visas into the country. NBC ditched its stake in the Weather Network in Canada. A major newspaper, lamented ‘where’s our Rupert Murdoch’ who came to Canada and took away their Harlequin Books division. Jose Miranda, head of the ‘youth cult 666’ might still be active in Toronto. Canada is officially NOT at war with ISIS, and this week a soldier’s body is lost in limbo as his mother waits – she received the news from a civilian community group (not a military attache). Fairfax Media is accused of ‘sedition’ by the Australian government as Fairfax Insurance in Toronto is trying to sell $1 billion Indian company to Blackstone (NBC) which had just sold its stake in the Weather Network in Canada (Toronto) whose information is really supplied by IBM so anyone can be a weather station. Markle continues to hound Prince Harry, because her show is made in Toronto that airs on a NBC cable station (sold ‘that’ out for the easy money). It’s just not ‘proper’. The Justice Department in New York reminds us to beware of sleaze surrounding big sporting events, as Prince Harry’s Invictus Foundation Games comes to peaceful Toronto with disabled soldiers and their families to compete in the charitable sports event. Without oil, people in charge of large pools of money who are not accountable to the public are having a field day, stripping this country of its future – using media, the ‘reporting’ platform to promote their investment interests. Finally, no one would notice if these people were good at their job, but pension funds are shrinking, local businesses see no business and old people are receiving less, meaning they’re doing a bad job making money. They have their supporters, none of whom are actually part of any generation, that is be remembered by much of anyone, but are just ‘talkers’. What’s there to ‘believe’, it’s a day at the zoo.