On the Eve of Harry’s Toronto Invictus Games, Canada is not at War with ISIS and our Banks fund ISIS Regularly.

Since Canada, is NOT AT WAR WITH ISIS, says our chief defense general, Prince Harry is going to hold Invictus for disabled soliders in Toronto where banks funnel money to ISIS on a regular basis? While fending off Markle? Does Toronto hate people who are still alive – What is Toronto?

“There is little point in producing information that is relevant but lacks faithful representation, or producing information that is irrelevant, even if it is faithfully represented.” Does Toronto hate people who are still alive?

Canada not in ‘state of war’ with ISIS: Chief of the Defence Staff – article. Not only Prince Harry and dignitaries but also I am concerned with the safety for the athletes families who are wounded veterans fighting ISIS; 1,600 who are accompanying them! The state of this country and town is so murky it is like ‘how the Vietnam war was lost in the home – it is a legal and philosophical morass for non-legal beagles. Instead of war, as a Canadian, I am dealing with mass homicide! Like it’s a mental health issue among new immigrants! “Will you acquit because Canada can not commit?” Like everyone has a mental health issue except for those traipsing through the daisy bush!

“There are concerns that businesses and banks in Canada are being used to fund ISIS” “I think we have more home-grown terrorists here than in Australia or the U.S.,” she said of Canada. “And some of our funds are being sent to conduit countries like Lebanon and Jordan. Financial transactions are routed through those countries, but not directly to Syria so they are difficult to catch.” – article

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One final caveat! Something keeps tugging at me about the Toronto Pan Am Games – it wasn’t a major success for local businesses (it’s a real scandal), so I checked Google Trends. The red line is the interest in the Toronto Raptors and the blue line is the interest in the Toronto Pan Am Games over the same time period. Keep reading the rest of the story..