Due to Loose Ends We Can’t Do Business with Toronto

A Latin American cult was actively recruiting in the period just before 10,000 volunteers flooded into Toronto from all Pan American games nations! They ran billboards around the university of Toronto! Their leader, the second coming of Jesus runs one of the biggest youth cults in the world! And all you needed for an expedited Visa into Canada as a volunteer was a letter. Then media began hiring on the cheap hundreds or thousands of young ‘interns’ but for free full-time work leading the government to crack down on this practice. And now the very material damages all over the media. Media revenue and private interest at the expense of the POLITY! The mayor, declared a moratorium on show-biz, ‘forget show-biz’ he said amid the city’s budget and poverty crisis, once the Pan Am games was over..but is to embark on another sales trip to court Hollywood. Most likely, I will say, to repeat the incident that occurred last summer..an open casting for a Matt Damon flick seeking real-life gangsters newly arrived from Jamaica or Latin-America!

666 cult was also in Toronto prior to the Pan Am Games, where 10,000 volunteers did not add to tourist spending above seasonal activity. Photo: DailyMail