Cliche Yahoo Media Opposes Trump by Hiring All UK Network

The general public associate the Trump Presidency more with racist government than protectionist economic policy.

‘Racist’ couple starts row with ‘where’s your bomb?’ and the crowd throws them off plane with ‘this isn’t Trump’s America! more

So it might taste bitter that AT&T’s work force has an inside track with the US President to secure their jobs and more work on domestic US soil.

21000 AT&T Workers Authorize Strike, Blame Offshored Call Center / Trump Job Promises Surface in AT&T Union Negotiations. more

The alternative is what sanguine Yahoo Media has just done, which is fill the American public with news written overseas – with the interest of another country at its core.

“The deal, announced on Monday, will add content from The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, the London Evening Standard and Hearst UK to Yahoo’s news, sports, finance and lifestyle coverage. more

The UK is not a Catholic country and in fact it broke away from the Catholic Church ages ago. As a sovereign nation it functions out of that point of fact. And the new influx of low-quality journalism flooding the planet is bolstered by this private interest alliance – those newspapers joining Yahoo’s distribution network are non-profit trust-funded businesses. And Asia, traditionally seen as conservative minded and studious is just as “dumb” as the American general public about the innards of media. Media is only about two things: money or power. So do they deserve money or power is the question. Is there any better place to invest than ourselves, right now? The other point is, a chump can make a faster buck off ISIS (meaning any selfish way) then our way. And ultimately, the majority still suffer through a full education than skip off to make a fast buck. If you respect cash, these companies are cash strapped despite their revenue. So that their own supporters are just collecting a pay-check like you and me.

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